Math Program

1, 2, 3

We develop the students' interest in their studies as well as their ability to study more effectively. These classes focus on giving students the flexibility and understanding they need to apply their knowledge.

Algebra I

These classes are the introductory math than are needed for building the foundation. Students who learn and perform well in these classes will have better understanding of math and  be inspired to like math and 

Algebra II

Our instructors thoroughly teach not only the Algebra II fundamentals, but also the more advanced topics. Our course content also exceeds the depth in school, so students can fully understand math concepts in preparation for the more rigorous Pre-Calculus, Math Analysis, and AP Calculus classes. Therefore, they will not face the common obstacles that unprepared students often encounter


Geometry is a transition course that trains students to analyze figures, graphs and logic. Most students take this course during 8th or 9th grade - a very important period in children's mental development. If students just only memorize study guides to simply get an A in school, they miss the chance to fully develop their potential. Our Geometry course will challenge students to maximize their critical thinking  and analytical ability.


Pre-Calculus is the beginning of real math and covers a broad range of topics. In college, all classes will require the fundamentals and logic than students learn in these classes. We greatly emphasize learning the concepts well. New students trying to catch up with our class pace always find it difficult at first. However, those who do not give up and continue to say will improve quickly, proving them a tremendous sense of accomplishment


Calculus is essential and the required analytical skill for all engineering and science related fields. We strongly encourage students to pursue highly technical fields, such as Science, Engineering, and Computer Science, and these field will be much easier for those who learned Calculus well.